Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: Bodyline Shoes

Having bought shoes from Bodyline before with great results, I thought it was time for another try. 

The first time I got shoes from them, I bought them in the Harajuku Bodyline store, so I was able to try them on, and handled shipping on my own. This time, I was using their notoriously slow website.

I got SHOES192 (bow buckle platforms) in solid white, SHOES178 in solid black, (classic wedges) and SHOES175 (the infamous heart buckle replicas) in black with white trim. I chose the size based on my Japanese size (23.5) NOT the "size chart."

I placed the order via the webcart, paid with PayPal, and got a confirmation a few hours later (that's the benefit of ordering late at night--it's during business hours in Japan). I got shipping confirmation two days after that. So far so good.

I tracked the package through DHL's Japanese website, and it was left at my apartment complex office on Friday, April 01. I picked it up from the office today (Monday, April 04). The package is pictured above.

Each pair was individually wrapped in tissue paper, but as other reviewers have pointed out, not in shoeboxes.

One of the heart buckle replicas had a dent, but it pushed out and smoothed away easily, thank goodness.

I checked all the other shoes over for damage, and that was the only thing noticeable. I needed to adjust the straps on all of them (tighter on the heart buckles and looser on the other two) but the length was accurate inside, and they all seem to fit fairly well. As others have noticed, the heart buckle replicas do run a little long, but after tightening the straps, they didn't flop around too much. I wouldn't wear them with tights, but any other socks should be fine.


Final opinions? Not bad, for cheap shoes! The shipping was less than stellar, but the product came out okay. They are all basically true to size, and if they are like my other pair of Bodyline shoes, should be very comfortable.

Communication: 5/5 (Fast, understandable English)
Shipping: 3/5 (Fast, but badly packaged.)
Product appearance: 5/5 (Everything came as pictured, and was in good condition)
Product fit: 5/5 (True to size, comfortable)


  1. Thanks for the review! I haven't ordered from bodyline yet but I'm dying to get a pair of decent, comfy shoes so that on my to-buy list for sure! ^^ Do they hold up pretty good after you've used them?

  2. So far my brown ones which I bought last summer are still in great shape, though I don't wear brown as often as black and white. I'll let you know how these ones hold up!