Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dr. Who? A Skirt for a Friend

Even though my own personal style is starting to lean towards Gothic and Classic, I still love making Sweet things. So what am I supposed to do when the itch to make something cute and sweet comes up? Make something for someone else!

A good friend recently had a birthday, and since she's into both Lolita fashion and Dr. Who, I thought Aimee's adorable Dr. Who-themed fabric was perfect. I'm not too familiar with the show myself, so I couldn't tell you what the references actually are in the print, but it was too cute for me not to use.

"A Teaspoon and an Open Mind"
Continue for another picture, and a little bit of a Spoonflower review.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back In Black--Now With More Piracy! (A Sewing Post)

I did promise a sewing post, didn't I? And I'm so proud of my latest creations that I just have to share them with everyone. I've been making a lot of black items, partly in preparation for the colder months, and partly because I'm transitioning my wardrobe to more Gothic/Classic items. It's a slow change, but I'm loving every minute of it.

In the last two months, I've made three things I'm really excited about (and a fourth item, but it's a secret!). I made a fur capelet to match the fur muff from last winter, a black chiffon blouse (seen in the last post) and my current pièce de résistance, a corset-waist skirt made from teja_jamilla's gorgeous pirate fabric.

Carry on for the rest of the projects.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August Coordinates and a Busy Lolita Weekend

August came and went, without a lot of big Lolita events--just a few small meetups, and I was pretty bad about getting outfit pictures! When it's just the local group hanging out for an evening, I feel like I'm just dressing up for a normal night out, and not like it's something fancy. I think that is kind of a good thing, because it means I'm comfortable with my outfits. Comfortable enough that I don't take pictures!

I managed to get two pictures from the three small meetups in August. It doesn't help that it has been very warm the last few weeks, so dressing up in petticoats and layers is not a great idea. Hopefully things will start to cool off soon, but it's been difficult!

Photo courtesy MyLolitaStyle
Then the second weekend of September was crazy! Two big Lolita meetups, on after the other. First was a big Paris-themed meetup in Los Angeles, and then My Sweet Memory II put on by the amazing Tijuana Lolita group. I had a lot of fun at both events, though the car trip was not that fun in the heat.

On to the clothes!