Friday, December 27, 2013

Alice and the Pirates New Year's Lucky Pack and Special Set

This year, I treated myself to a special holiday present--the Alice and the Pirates New Year's Special Set I and Happy Pack. Getting them was madness with BABY's site crashing every 30 seconds, but I was eventually successful, and they arrived here in California yesterday!

I took lots of pictures of the unboxing and each of the items that I'm planning to keep (there aren't any of the two items I'm selling, sorry...) so read on for more.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fairytale Boutique's "Holiday Fantasia" Event

Fairytale Boutique in LA hosted a beautiful holiday party this year! Guests of honor were Angelic Pretty/Harajuku Hearts San Francisco and Automatic Honey, along with a few other great vendors. There was an excellent buffet tea, games, and of course lots of socialization and pictures.

Read on for lots more details and photos!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

La Belle au bois dormant [Photoshoot]

"Everyone was horrified, and the twelfth wise woman, who had not yet offered her wish, stepped forward. Because she was unable to undo the wicked wish, only to soften it, she said, 'It shall not be her death. The princess will only fall into a hundred-year deep sleep.'"

I love fairytales, and Haenuli's gorgeous "Sleeping Beauty" is one of my favorite versions of the story in a print. The second photoset I did over break features the black jumperskirt and my wonderful husband.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Visigothic [Photoshoot]

Mozarabic chant (also known as Hispanic chantOld Hispanic chantOld Spanish chant, or Visigothic chant) is the liturgical plainchant repertory of the Mozarabic rite of the Roman Catholic Church, related to the Gregorian chant(Wikipedia)

I had a chance to work with my very talented sister again this year over the Thanksgiving holiday week, and we did a brief set of photos featuring the Mozarabic Chant print by Krad Lanrete. Follow the jump for more pictures!