Friday, December 27, 2013

Alice and the Pirates New Year's Lucky Pack and Special Set

This year, I treated myself to a special holiday present--the Alice and the Pirates New Year's Special Set I and Happy Pack. Getting them was madness with BABY's site crashing every 30 seconds, but I was eventually successful, and they arrived here in California yesterday!

I took lots of pictures of the unboxing and each of the items that I'm planning to keep (there aren't any of the two items I'm selling, sorry...) so read on for more.
I was pretty nervous about the lucky pack, because it said that there would be salopettes in it, which just aren't my thing. Unfortunately, I was right--so I'll be selling the salopette--but almost everything else was great! And of course the special set was exactly what I ordered.

The special set included a JSK, blouse, bag, socks, headbow, and eyepatch. Sadly, the JSK doesn't really fit me very well--it's too big and too short! I'm hoping to trade it for the second version from the Special Set II, if I'm lucky, and if not, I'll consider selling it and trying to buy the other one instead.

The lucky pack had a salopette (Star Flocky Salopette Skirt in navy), a gorgeous blouse (Chiffon Frill Blouse), two bonnets (Vampire Prelude in red and St. Mephisto Cathedrale in black), and a lovely black and white vest (from the Doll Coppelia set). A lot of the items are quite old--from as far back as 2011!--so they must have been doing some pretty serious stock cleaning. I'm keeping everything except the salopette and the St. Mephisto bonnet.

Overall, I think it was a pretty good haul, especially for the price! For the value of a single dress, I got so many beautiful things from my very favorite brand. I'm already putting together coordinates in my head...

Have you ever gotten a lucky pack before? How did it go? This was only my second time getting one, so I'd love to hear other people's stories.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm waiting for my AatP Lucky Pack and I'm also anxious about the salopette, because I doubt it would fit me. The other items look awesome, especially the vest <3

  2. Oh you are so lucky, i wanted a aatp special set lp so much but could not get it. I will never find another one at the same price i'm sure so i'm very jealous. Everything looks amazing, you must be super happy!

  3. I want the Saint Mephisto bonnet!

  4. Haha just got my LP and I also got a salopette, but it's not as cute as yours. the other items were a super pretty blouse, a bonnet, a headbow, an underskirt and a bag. I am also pleased with my haul!