Thursday, December 5, 2013

La Belle au bois dormant [Photoshoot]

"Everyone was horrified, and the twelfth wise woman, who had not yet offered her wish, stepped forward. Because she was unable to undo the wicked wish, only to soften it, she said, 'It shall not be her death. The princess will only fall into a hundred-year deep sleep.'"

I love fairytales, and Haenuli's gorgeous "Sleeping Beauty" is one of my favorite versions of the story in a print. The second photoset I did over break features the black jumperskirt and my wonderful husband.

My sister's beautiful cat, Sebastian.

The blouse is handmade by me, and the jumperskirt and hairband are Haenuli's Sleeping Beauty. The socks are from BABY, shoes are from Bodyline, and roses are from H&M. Photography by Alyssa.

Thanks for looking!

Bonus silly pictures:

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  1. Those pictures look sooo nice *_* And the JSK suits you really well :3
    And I love the last picture :)