Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tartan for the Holidays

I'm not sure why I thought a tartan dress would be appropriate for the holidays, but it just seems right. I've been craving another sewing project (is that a normal thing to crave?) and went fabric shopping on Black Friday. Hooray for good deals! I wanted to make something inspired by one of the newer Alice and the Pirates prints, but also appropriate for the whole winter season. Here is the result:

More pictures and details to follow... 
The pattern was a slightly modified #41 from ゴスロリ Vol. 10. I also made a little headband to match. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the red bow on the bodice, but it's on a pin so if I don't like it, I can take it off. I feel like the red bow is great for Christmas, but I may switch it out with a black one later.

On a real person!

The back has semi-functional corset lacing, but no shirring. I thought about putting shirring in, but I didn't want to bother. I was actually pretty frustrated while working on this because the velvet was really slippery and annoying to work with, but I was incredibly happy with the final results.

Front detail
Matching headband
I'm planning to wear it to a big Christmas meetup in a few weeks, which should be a fun debut for it. I haven't been so happy with a project for a while, so this was really a lot of fun. I also made a little faux fur shoulder bag/muff for winter coordinates. I think everything will look really great together!

Faux fur muff/purse
Fake fur is interesting to work with. It's not terribly difficult, but depending on the fur, it can get fuzz EVERYWHERE. Seriously. This one is very soft, so it can get kind of slick when sewing, but I surprisingly had less problems with it slipping than with the velvet on the JSK! I'm thinking of making more fur accessories next weekend, like a collar or something.


  1. That looks great!! <3 I am a tartan lover myself.

    1. Thanks! My husband thought the tartan looked silly, but little does he know that I'm making him a matching vest with the extra fabric...