Friday, January 18, 2013

Int'l Lolita Day and December Outfits

The holidays hit us pretty hard this year--lots of travel and work to do. Joey and I are also in the process of buying a house, which is very exciting! I'm looking forward to having more space to do baking in.

For International Lolita Day (a bi-annual unofficial "holiday" that occurs on the first Saturdays of December and June) we had a small meetup at the Natural History Museum. It was supposed to be a picnic, too, but then we thought it was going to rain, and ended up going to a cupcake restaurant afterwards instead.

The museum is small, but nice, and they had a cool chocolate exhibit at the time. Joey took a lot of pictures for us with his fancy new camera!

I wore the new JSK that I got at PMX, and put together a nice and simple winter-y coordinate to go with it. After cupcakes, we went to a friend's Christmas party still dressed up. I also ran into a girl at Target who knew what I was wearing and asked what brand it was. I invited her to join the online group, and I hope one of these days she will join us.

Jumperskirt is Alice and the Pirates "Alice and the Secret Between the Clock Tower", as well as the socks. Blouse and hair bow are handmade by me. Bag is from Taobao (Loris) and shoes are Bodyline.

A few weeks later, I went to a Christmas party with the Tijuana Lolitas for dinner and games. It was really fun to see everyone again, even though I sometimes get left behind because of the language barrier.

I wore an Alice and the Pirates tartan vest with the Innocent World "Acanthus" skirt and a Forever 21 blouse. Socks are BABY, boots are Bodyline, and the rest is offbrand.

Over Christmas, I went back up north to visit my family, and we spent the week in Whistler, British Columbia for skiing. The big adventure of the week was going on the Olympic bobsled track. It was pretty exciting--like a roller coaster, but there's no rails, and you're going ~60 mph. My sister and dad did skeleton, which is even scarier. I can't even imagine going down with my face six inches from the ice!

Skiing was great, too, as always, and I really appreciated all the time to spend with my dad and sisters. We also enjoyed the village, and I even dressed up one night to go to one of the fancy restaurants. It was cold, but Lolita is great for layering, so it ended up just fine. I wore basically the same outfit as the one to the museum meetup, but with more underclothing. I reprised the same outfit again for the Chihuly Museum in Seattle--it definitely got a lot of use in December!

For the first meetup of January, we had a short-notice but fun swap meet at the usual tea shop. I don't think anyone really bought or sold much, haha, but it was a great opportunity to catch up after the holidays, and see some of my friends before they went back to college. 

I went for a Classic-Sweet look this time: jumperskirt and matching hair bow are BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, socks are Alice and the Pirates. Blouse is from Forever 21, and the bolero is handmade by me. Bag is from Taobao (Loris) and earrings are Swimmer. I was going to try out my new circle lenses, too, but I'm not quite comfortable enough with them yet to wear them for longer than an hour.

Over Christmas break, my sister did a photoshoot with me, so keep an eye out for the pictures coming soon!


  1. oh i love that first dress on you but you look pretty in all of these. Also your community seems really nice and i like that you guys visited something kind of out of the box.

    I know what you mean about the lenses... i actually have a worse problem which is not be able to put them on myself haha. But the first and only time I wore lenses I saw fog everywhere! It was really unconfortable. I'm not sure if they are all like that or if i got an odd pair.

    Kisses, Jo

    1. I love my group a lot--there are a lot of interesting things to do here, so we try to go to a variety of things, instead of just getting stuck on the basics. Of course, we do a lot of picnics, because they're easy, and tea is always fun, but it's nice to be able to do something different sometimes.

  2. All your outfits are so pretty, I love them all <3

    1. Thank you! I love yours, too! ^__^