Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Steins;Gate Cosplay Commission

In September, I was asked to make a couple of cosplays from Steins;Gate by a member of one of the cosplay communities I'm part of. I was very pleased with how they turned out, and the customer said it was cool to share pictures, so here they are!

Read on for more pictures and some construction notes.

The commission was for Mayuri's dress and hat, and Okabe's long lab coat. I received the customer's measurements earlier in September, and the due date was September 26th (for Anime Weekend Atlanta).

Mayuri's dress was the easiest, since I make a lot of dresses! I drafted a pattern with a short bodice and a circle skirt, to try and match the drape of the screenshots and figures. The hat was a modified sunhat with a gathered brim.

For Okabe's coat, I modified a blazer pattern by lengthening the panels and pulling it in at the sides (to create the open look, much like I did with Kirito's trenchcoat). The front pocket welt is just for show.

One thing I learned from this--I think I need a second dressform! It would make things soooo much easier. Maybe it would be a good Christmas present to myself, haha.

If I have ever made a costume or Lolita item for you, I'd love to get a picture of it worn to share here and on my Facebook page! I really like seeing people wear my work.

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