Tuesday, January 6, 2015

BABY/AatP New Year's Lucky Pack 2014

This year, I ordered the "BABY&PIRATES スカート&ジャンパースカート入りバラエティパック" (Skirt & Jumperskirt Variety Pack) as my Christmas present to myself. Lucky packs are so much fun, even if you end up with a few things that don't work out. I was actually pretty happy with this one--it was a great deal, and four out of the six items ended up great for me!

I ordered the night they were released, and as always, BABY's servers had a tough time dealing with the extra traffic. I swear, using their website is part of the "lucky" part of the process! I was able to order the pack that I wanted, and got the payment email a few days later. I always pay right away (don't want to get blacklisted by BABY, haha) and then it was time two wait. They said that shipping would probably be around the end of the month, so I wasn't worried about it.

Oddly enough, I never received a shipping notice or tracking number! I was actually very surprised to get back from being out of town for the holidays and finding the EMS notice. I've never had that problem with them before, so hopefully it was just a fluke from the busy season.

Nicely packaged, as always. No problems picking it up--the post office is surprisingly efficient in my area. Nice big box! (And a bonus picture with my kitty, Fred.)

I was a little worried at first with the white bag, thinking that maybe I would end up with mostly BABY items, since someone else had that happen to them, but that's the risk you take with combined packs! I was actually somewhat hesitant to buy one at all since there wasn't an Alice and the Pirates only option this year.

The kitties wanted to help me unpack it, but I had to kick them out at this point. Everything was packed in plain plastic bags. Lots of black and red, which made me happy!

The small accessory was a beautiful antique gold bat-wing necklace from Alice and the Pirates! I absolutely love it, and it's going to be such a great addition to my jewelry. I don't have a lot of brand jewelry, so it makes me pretty happy. I love the little rose accent.

Next, a super cuddly cable-knit cape with faux fur trim! I tried to find the name of this on Lolibrary, but the closest I could find has slightly different buttons--called "Aran Knitting Bunny Ear Cape". I guess that's what this is, maybe a newer version? I love it!

Another unknown item, a cute tartan salopette from Alice and the Pirates. I'm not usually a fan of salopettes, but the bottom on this one is actually shorts-style, rather than a skirt, so I'm actually going to keep it. I'm already playing with ouji coordinates that use it~

"Pin-Tucked Collar Blouse" from Alice and the Pirates! I can always use more black blouses, and I actually really like the huge collar on this one. It's very oldschool. Definitely keeping this one for now.

"Collection Douce Chocolatier Skirt" from BABY. Very cute, but not my style at all!

"Pearl Organdy" jumperskirt from Alice and the Pirates. I really love the design, and was super excited, but then I tried it on and it is comically short on me. I'm going to try and trade it for something a bit longer. It's too bad, because I like it a lot, but some things just don't work when you're tall.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this year's lucky pack. I'll be keeping an eye out for the Golden Week and summer packs as well, of course, but this was a nice little holiday treat.

See you next time~

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