Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Coordinates: A little bit of every major substyle!

For such a short month, February ended up being very busy for Lolita events and excuses to dress up! When I was going through all the pictures to make my monthly post, I realized that I managed to wear an outfit in each of the major substyles--two Classic, one Gothic, one Sweet, and one Ouji!

Follow the jump for all five outfits.
The first outfit was for a karaoke meetup hosted by one of my friends--it was very small, but still fun! (I'll admit something here, it was also my first time doing karaoke outside of an anime convention, haha.) Naturally, the coordinate needed to be music-themed.

I chose "Dance of the Black Cats", one of my absolute favorite prints, and in a moment of inspiration, decided to try and bring out the cat elements with a cute headband that I picked up a while ago. It's true that cat ears are not typically suitable for Lolita, but it was fun to go out on a limb and try it. I think it worked out pretty well!

"Dance of the Black Cats" JSK I Alice and the PiratesLoyalty OTK Socks Angelic Pretty
Hair Accessories handmade by me/Charlotte Russe
Jewelry handmade by me/Forever21
Shoes Bodyline

For the community Valentine's Day meetup, we went to Extraordinary Desserts again (like last year). This year, all the moderators voted on the theme, and came up with "Prince and Princess". We encouraged members to dress in ouji/Lolita pairs, and several people did, myself included! I paired with B in matching coordinates (made by me). My hairstyle was inspired by the fashions in the anime "Rose of Versailles".

I've been trying to get into ouji more, and I underestimated how popular it would be! Everyone really loved seeing me in the boyish style, and I had a lot of fun wearing it. My new goal for 2015 is for it to be the "Year of Ouji" for me.

"Velveteen Stripe" Vest, Shorts, & Beret handmade by me

"Prince Conrad" Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Harlequin Socks Alice and the Pirates
Shoes Bodyline
Jewelry offbrand

Mid-month, I finally got a chance to work with a new photographer (you saw the results of that in the last post!) and he was incredibly easy and fun to work with! I can't wait to do some more with him, hopefully later this month if all goes well with my cosplay plans.

I've been wanting to try coordinating "Funeral Procession" again, and this seemed like a good opportunity. The chiffon bonnet was a perfect fit!

"Funeral Procession of Roses" JSK Alice and the Pirates
Lace Collar Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Bonnet Mystery Garden
Chiffon Underskirt handmade by me
Hair Roses Surface Spell/handmade
Jewelry Necrosarium/Forever21/handmade
Lace Tights Forever21
Boots Bodyline

We also had a small ice skating meetup, since people had been asking to do something with ice or roller skating. I didn't want to wear my expensive dresses on the ice (even though I'm a pretty decent ice skater, if I do say so myself), so I figured it would be a good opportunity to finally wear the brown set that I made for my friend's wedding in a proper coordinate.

In retrospect, I think the outfit ended up too solidly one color, so the next time I wear it I'm definitely going to go with ivory socks to try and balance things out. But, I think it turned out pretty well for being entirely off-brand with the exception of the socks (which I chose for their snowflake motif)!

"Classic Chocolate" Jacket, JSK, & Beret handmade by me

Chiffon Blouse Forever21
Snowflake Socks Jane Marple
Shoes Bodyline
Jewelry handmade by me/vintage/Forever21

Bag Taobao (Loris)

And last but certainly not least, I put together a coordinate for the monthly swap meet that is a lot more Sweet than I usually wear. I have a special soft spot for this JSK, and will never be able to part with it, but I have trouble coming up with reasons to wear it. I think wearing it in February is perfect, since the colors remind me of Valentine's Day.

Even if it is a Sweet dress, I can never really go "all out" in the Sweet style, so the coordinate is fairly conservative with a long-sleeved blouse, tights, and simple hair accessories. I think it also has a very oldschool vibe with the shorter skirt and straight wig!

Printemps Blouse Juliette et Justine
Lace Tights Forever21
Hair Accessories Surface Spell/Forever21
Jewelry Forever21
Shoes Bodyline
Bag Taobao (Loris)

There aren't as many meetups planned for next month, which will be a nice breather, but I'll also miss dressing up every weekend! See you next time~

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