Thursday, December 10, 2015

October & November Coordinates

Is it really already December?! I've been neglecting my blog lately, I think because I haven't really done any new sewing or cosplay projects in the last few months--too busy with other things! My "real" day job has been pretty stressful lately, but Lolita is surprisingly relaxing for me so I did do a lot of fun things in the fashion community, even if I didn't do much else.

Read on for the outfits~

I think the last few months have been an interesting mix of themed/costume-y coordinates and lazy simple ones. I feel at ease in Lolita, so coordinates that are not heavily accessorized have been my mood lately with everything else that is going on. But of course October has Halloween, so there are a few more interesting ones in here, too!

The first outfit is one that I wore to play Pathfinder with the local group during the day, and then in the evening I hosted a game night for the Lolitas at my house. We had a lot of games to choose from, but ended up mostly just playing Cards Against Humanity (oops).

Check Underbust JSK handmade by me
Frill Frill Blouse BABY
Beret & Bow handmade by me
Socks BABY
Jewelry handmade by me
Wristcuffs Angelic Pretty

The weekend after that, I dressed up to meet up with friends for dessert. It was really hot that day so I kept it super casual with a skirt and a cutsew bolero instead of a blouse.

Skirt & Headband handmade by me
Bolero handmade by me
Brooch LIEF
Socks Metamorphose
Wristcuffs Angelic Pretty
Shoes Bodyline

For Disneyland Lolita Day, I ended up wearing boystyle, which was super perfect for running around the park (even with the pirate hat)! It was surprisingly comfortable in the heat to wear pants and a chiffon blouse, and the short hair was really convenient, too. I'm definitely keeping ouji in mind for future trips...

“Doll Coppelia” Vest Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Blouse handmade by me
Shorts Bodyline
Tights Alice and the Pirates
Hat decorated by me
Jewelry Disney/handmade by me
Boots Bodyline

Our local Halloween meetup was at a museum that was currently featuring an exhibit on torture instruments. The exhibit itself was pretty disturbing (as it should be) but the meetup was a lot of fun! Everyone wore fun themed outfits. I tried to keep my theme subtle--nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!--but I thought it was appropriate and hopefully a bit light-hearted and silly.

“Cranberry Shantung” JSK & Bonnet handmade by me
“Moon’s Elegy” Blouse Infanta
Harlequin Tights Alice and the Pirates
Hair Accessories Surfacespell
Jewelry handmade by me/vintage
Shoes Bodyline

On Halloween itself, my best friend and I attended a circus-themed event in a neighboring comm. Since the overall theme was "circus", we themed our outfits on a "dancing bears" act. I was the boy bear--take a look at the opening picture(s) for both outfits. It was a really fun event, too.

Vest, Shorts, Beret, & Bow handmade by me
Prince Conrad Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Socks Alice and the Pirates
Boots Bodyline
Accessories Surfacespell/offbrand

In November, I wore Lolita to play Pathfinder again--at this point, I'm sort of trying to make it a tradition. Who knows, maybe the people who only play Saturday games will think I dress like this every day? Since I was still feeling a bit in the Halloween spirit, I went with a cat theme.

“Dance of the Black Cats” JSK Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Blouse handmade by me
Socks BABY
Hair Accessories Forever21/Surfacespell

Later I recorded a video with friends (more on that coming January!) and I was really glad I went with a summer-y coordinate, since it was hard work and got really warm where we were filming. It was very fun, but also very tiring.

"Unlock the PANDORA’S Memories" JSK Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Frill Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Ribbon Socks BABY
Hair Accessories Alice and the Pirates/Surfacespell
Shoes Bodyline
Jewelry Black Peace Now/Forever21

Around Thanksgiving, we had an autumn picnic at one of our favorite parks. I picked my newest JSK simply because the name of the print is "Pilgrim", haha. It was also a coordinate a bit out of my comfort zone with it all off-white, but I think it turned out great. I was super happy with how my wig styling and makeup ended up, too!

“Pilgrim” JSK Dark Box
Chiffon Frill Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Emblem Socks Alice and the Pirates
Hair Accessories Surfacespell
Jewelry handmade by me/Forever21
Shoes Bodyline

And last but not least, my husband and I visited the Bay Area for vacation at the end of the month, and we ended up going to the Dickens Christmas Fair while we were there. I couldn't pack a very elaborate outfit for the fair, but I think the old-fashioned simplicity worked very well with the event. It was very cold, too, so I was so happy that I remembered to pack a cape.

“Victorian Cards” JSK & Bonnet Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Blouse handmade by me
Capelet & Muff handmade by me
Socks BABY
Jewelry Forever21
Shoes Bodyline

Even though my job is still kicking my butt, I hope to be able to do lots of things through the holiday season! Coming up next will be my year in review and 2016 cosplay plans.


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