Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally, a Lolita post!

This summer has been so insane with all the wedding preparations, I haven't really had the time or energy to really get dressed up. But now that things are finally winding down, I decided that I had to justify having packed all my dresses home by dressing up for my art class.

Makeup details and outfit rundown after the break... 

I recently got a new Stila eyeliner that is shiny silver--and seriously the smoothest non-liquid eyeliner I have ever used! It gives a nice light touch to eye makeup, and adds a little bit of shimmer! Too bad you can't see it better in the picture. My house has terrible lighting, apparently.

I seem to wear this outfit a lot! I'm still really proud of the JSK and how it turned out.


  1. That wig looks so natural on you!!

  2. You look really nice, I've always wanted to see your musical lolita coordinations! It suits you well!