Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This quarter (and possibly further into the future) I have a lot more free time than I've had in the past, and decided that I would like to start taking commissions in order to generate a little extra income. Basic items like headbows, bloomers, and cravats will have a basic price, and all other items will be priced on an individual basis. All price examples are in US dollars.
  • Double headbows $18
  • Head-eating headbows $22
  • Bloomers $30
  • Waist cinchers $85
  • Traditional Victorian cravats $15 (cotton) or $25 (dupioni silk)
  • Bolero jackets $60
Everything else will follow this formula: materials + $12/hr
I will estimate the hours based on past experience and how complicated the project is. I will be taking a limited number of these kinds of projects at any one time, to avoid backlogs. At the moment this number is 5. I'm open to making the following items:
  • Skirts
  • Jumperskirts
  • OPs (dresses)
  • Victorian vests (for men)
  • Blouses
Shipping will normally be USPS flat-rate priority mail (usually around $10.50), but I'll send by weight if you request it specifically. International shipping is available as well, upon request.

While I'm open to taking plus-sized commissions, I do not have a larger sized dress form to work with, only a small/medium adjustable. I will of course do my utmost to be as accurate as possible, but larger sizing will be based on calculations only at this time.

Under the cut are some photos of example pieces. All of these pieces were made by me either for myself or for personal friends--none of the items pictured are actually for sale, just examples!

Jumperskirt, imported fabric
Red corduroy men's vest
Red/orange waist cincher
Head-eating bow
Double sidebow
Short batiste bloomers with eyelet lace
Feel free to email me with any questions at! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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