Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hey, it's January.

So I survived the holidays! My sister came down from Washington to visit, and we had a lot of fun hanging around Southern California. We went to SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and hiked the trails near my apartment. It was really awesome having her around, but I was so exhausted afterwards that I did pretty much nothing (other than clean) for days afterwards.

We didn't go to many holiday parties, so I didn't have as many chances to bake as I thought I would. I did make some champagne cupcakes with pomegranate liqueur frosting for a New Year's Eve party, but I completely forgot to take pictures! They did turn out pretty good, but the cake was surprisingly dense, which was actually a little off-putting.

Earlier in the month, I went to a big Lolita meetup, and then to a smaller local one, and wore Lolita to the New Year's party, so at least I have a few outfits to show for the holiday season!

More pictures and outfit details after the jump~

December 17 was the big LA meetup and swap meet, which was quite fun. The dress I made was very comfortable, and everyone seemed very surprised that I had made it myself!
Don't mind the silly face. My husband said I looked too happy, so I gave him a sad face.

JSK, muff purse, and headbow are handmade by me. Socks are BABY, blouse is Alice and the Pirates. Boots are Bodyline.

I wore the same dress, coordinated differently for the local swap meet. I didn't take a picture until the end of the night, though, so my hair is a complete mess.

JSK and muff purse are handmade by me, cutsew is BABY, boots are Bodyline. 

Then for the New Year's party, which was casino themed, I wore my playing card outfit, which I haven't worn in a while. I thought the hat was a cute touch.

Again, what's with the derpy face?

They tried teaching me how to play craps, but I didn't get it at all.

Skirt, coat, and purse all handmade by me. Bustier is by Candy Violet, cutsew from BABY, shoes from Bodyline. Hat is Helen Kaminski.

That's all for now! I've been going to weekly local meetups pretty often, but I usually forget to take pictures. I should really try and get better about that...

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