Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Long Overdue Wedding Post

I can't believe I haven't actually posted pictures from my wedding yet! For some reason, I thought I already had, but that was only the Lolita outfit from after the wedding, not actual wedding photos. Bad me.

Well, put on your big girl pants, because this is going to be a picture-heavy post. I might get a bit gooey and silly by the end of it, what with all the romantic memories. Oh, and you'll finally get to see what my husband looks like, since I mention him in almost every post...

Here we go!

The gorgeous belt my sister's best friend made for my outfit.

The groom with all his steampunk accessories.

Sitting on the Sword in the Stone.

A dramatic kiss!

The groom's amazing pocket watch.

The bride's full outfit: corset from Timeless Trends, blouse from Alice and the Pirates, skirt and overskirt handmade by the bride, and the hat handmade by the bride's mother.

One of my favorites!

All the ladies showing off their footwear, a la EGL.

The bride and her two sisters, making faces.

The wedding favor tea cup and a tea menu.

Table decorations.

The entire wedding party.

The bride with her matron of honor (left) and maid of honor (right).

The cupcake table!

The bride's uncle with his fabulous steampunk panpipe jetpack.

The bride's father and an old family friend, dressed up in their Victorian finest. (And a kilt.)

The garden where the ceremony was held.

The handfasting unity cermony.

The amazing buffet table.

All of the teacup wedding favors were hand-signed by the bride and her sisters.
The official "Goggle Picture"--everyone who attended and wore goggles or appropriately anachronistic glasses.

The infamous nerdy wedding rings.
(This picture is now all over the internet, thanks to my husband and reddit. I can assure you that this IS the original picture, and it is mine.)


  1. *o*
    Your wedding was so SUPER COOL.
    And the fish-eye of the "dramatic" picture makes it 20% cooler.
    What a fantastic wedding ^^

  2. I'm not a redditor, but this is awesome! I love that you made your skirt for your own wedding <3 That is too awesome! The wedding photos are great, and I can't help but love those wedding rings!

    Once again, congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much! The inscription on the rings was my husband's idea, but it was so worth it.

      I did a lot of sewing for the wedding--I made one of my sister's outfits (the one in black and cream) and my husband's vest and cravat as well.

  3. I love this post! This wedding looks absolutely fabulous. Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you! I was so happy with how everything turned out--it was really a dream come true.

  4. Hahahahha those rings. epic xD so awesome you guys started a thing *______*

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