Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Meetup Roundup: Int'l Lolita Day, High Tea, and Ramen

Hello everyone! Life is busy, as always, but here's your update for the month of June. (I'm pretty bad about this if I only post once a month, haha.) There were two Lolita events this month worth mentioning, a trip to Extraordinary Desserts for International Lolita Day, and then a meetup for ramen. It was supposed to be ramen and karaoke, but we ended up going to the county fair instead! Read on for the full run-down...

First off, Extraordinary Desserts followed by Balboa Park for International Lolita Day. I had a cream-topped creme brulee with a chocolate brownie embedded in the middle, and my husband had some kind of passion fruit cake that was ridiculously good. Everything was beautiful, including the people.

I wore a dress that I recently finished, which I named my "Constellation Jumperskirt". I got the skirt from an artist on Spoonflower, and paired it with a navy blue velvet bodice and a bustle back. Coordinated here with BABY socks and hair bows, Angelic Pretty wristcuffs, and Bodyline bolero and shoes.

A few weeks later, several of us headed up to The Grand Tea Room for a British-style high tea. The food was excellent, and we tried four different kinds of tea. Actually, probably one of the best tea services I've had since I was in the UK! I dressed up my husband, too.


I wore End of Immortal Eden (Alice and the Pirates) with H&M hair accessories, BABY socks, and Bodyline shoes. I made a bunch of new jewelry to go with it, including rose earrings, ring, and a birdcage necklace. My husband wore the vest I made for our wedding with a tan shirt, slacks, and Steampunk accessories.

Finally, we had a meetup at a local ramen shop--yummy as always--and were supposed to go to karaoke afterwards. We went to the karaoke place after a quick visit to the usual boba shop, and found that it was closed, even though it was supposed to open at five. We hung around, called a few times, and finally decided to go to the county fair after half an hour of waiting.

Jumperskirt and socks are from Metamorphose, wristcuffs are AP, shoes are Bodyline, and the hair accessories are all handmade by me. I really like this outfit--I don't wear plain kuro very often, but this is my favorite version so far. Casual, comfortable, and cute. Still trying to find the perfect jewelry, but I think the rose necklace worked all right.

The fair was fun, though I kind of regret going in Lolita, since it wasn't the most comfortable. The parking situation was horrible, but we lived through it.

Well, that's the meetup round-up for the month of June. Anime Expo is coming up this weekend, so there will be lots of pictures for that. Stay tuned for a sewing post, a cupcake post, and an invitation to join us for Comic-con!

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