Friday, June 29, 2012

Sewing Projects Part One: Miscellaneous Projects

I've been sewing a lot lately! I did a couple of commissions, and quite a few personal projects as well. Here is what I've affectionately named the "Constellation Jumperskirt".

The idea for this came when I was going through the fabric my mother sent me, and came across some beautiful navy blue velvet. I don't wear a lot of blue, but I thought I could use it as the bodice of a dress. The question was, what would the skirt be?

Inspired by Alice and the Pirate's Horoscope print, I wanted something that involved stars or constellations. An internet search brought me to Spoonflower, where an independent designer has created a beautiful constellation print with the names around the bottom in a border print. I had to have it!

Unfortunately, I didn't calculate very well, and didn't get enough fabric, so I opted to fill out the back of the skirt with a ruffled bustle. I was very grateful for my new ruffling foot after that--I would never have wanted to do six rows by hand! The bodice is shirred in the back, with a waistband for extra length, and ribbon lacing. Overall, I am happy with how it turned out, though there are always things I wish I could change or redo.

Pinky Pie-themed blouse commission
A good friend of mine is dressing up as Pinky Pie (from Friendship is Magic) for Anime Expo this weekend, so I whipped up a cute blue, pink, and yellow blouse for her coordinate. It is Lolita inspired, but not part of a Lolita coordinate, so we went with a square neck and more casual style. She'll be pairing it with sweet printed tights and yellow shorts!

Green reusable feminine products!
A little while ago, I decided to go green when it comes to feminine products. It sounds weird, I know, but I have never been happier with the switch! I now use a Diva Cup and handmade washable cloth pads and liners. The pads are made with a layering of 100% cotton outer (for cute prints), flannel inners, and a layer of water-resistant nylon. Snaps hold them in place. If you are interested in making your own, I can post my resources and personal tips, but I'll avoid going into a lot of detail for now.

For part two, I'll be posting my adventures in corsetry--I designed, drafted, and created my first real-deal, steel-boned corset!


  1. That constellation dress is absolutely gorgeous *___*

    1. Thanks! I'm really loving the variety of cool fabric I can find on Spoonflower--I have two new projects planned based on Spoonflower designs. Plus it's fun to support the artists.