Monday, November 19, 2012

Pacific Media Expo (+ Outfit Catch-Up)

Me and the lovely Tara and Judy on Sunday of PMX!
I haven't been back to Pacific Media Expo for two years, so this year was a fun return to the fashion-forward convention of Southern California. The big fashion Guest of Honor this year was BABY and A/P, so of course I had to attend. There was a boutique (got a new jumperskirt and socks!) and a fashion show, as well as all of the usual anime convention panels, dealer hall, artist alley, and photo opportunities.

Continue on for more PMX commentary and coordinate photos.

I don't usually block out faces in photos, but this was the only picture I got all day,
and my face looked way too derpy to show.
For Saturday, I worked out my "epic Pirate Lolita coordinate"--I was decorating the hat late Friday night, but managed to get everything together in time.  I've been saving the teja_jamilla skirt for a special occasion, and what's more special than a convention? I ended up ditching my cute white platform shoes for more comfortable flats about halfway through the day, for which my feet were eternally grateful, even if it didn't look quite as nice.

Skirt: handmade by me, fabric by teja_jamilla
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Tights: teja_jamilla
Hat: decorated by me, hat by Bella Bows

That afternoon was the Winterland Craft Party, which was really quite a fun and interesting alternative to a tea party. They had lots of various craft supplies and printed tutorials for making various things, including fuzzy stars, rose clips, deco nails, felt strawberries, and ribbon headbands. I ended up making two rose accessories, one clip and one headband, in black and ivory.

BABY designer Masumi Kanoh attended the craft party with us, and she went around with her translator and we had an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered. I asked her what her favorite fairytale inspirations were, and she said Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. She was very soft-spoken and shy, but seemed pretty happy to see all the American fans.

It's bonnet time! And I'm finally not making a dumb face.
On Sunday, I went for a more classic look with  my "new" Victorian Card JSK by A/P. It's been a while since I've attempted to wear a bonnet, and I think the long new wig really helps the look, along with some extra roses and pearls.

JSK & bonnet: Alice and the Pirates
Blouse: handmade by me
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Loris
Hair accessories: H&M

Sunday was pretty low-key, and I wandered the Artist Alley and dealer hall to get anime goods. I've been collecting figures lately, and got some new Nendoroid Madoka characters and a t-shirt. There were a lot of Lolita accessory vendors in the Artist Alley, but everything was very Sweet--not really my style. Oh well.

Then there was the fashion show, featuring some smaller indie designers like Haenuli, and then of course street fashion giant h.Naoto and BABY/Alice and the Pirates. Unfortunately they didn't show very many new designs, but it was still fun to watch. A lot of my friends were modelling. and people kept asking me why I wasn't modelling, too! The answer is that I am lazy and forgetful. Sigh. I think I had more fun watching, though, and more time to enjoy my day with my friends.

We followed up the convention with ramen in Little Tokyo, and then the long trek back down south to home.

Excuse the silly face. T__T
Backtracking a bit, I wore Lolita to work on Halloween! I figured it would probably be my only real occasion to go all out at work, and I was not about to pass up that opportunity. Everyone seemed to really like it. My manager adored it, and kept taking pictures and telling people to stop by my cube to see what I was wearing. I found it interesting how you hear about other people's similar interests when you're dressed up--apparently the CFO's wife likes Japanese fashion, too!

The local group also did a big Halloween party the weekend before, but I was so busy handling the food and games and being a hostess that I never got an outfit picture. It went really well (good thing, too, after all the time I put into it!) and I think everyone had a great time. The theme was "Haunted Chess", because we held it at the chess club building. There was tons of food, games, music, and a coordinate contest. It was our first big meet since the Comic-Con meetup, so I was glad that we were able to pull it off.

Here are some bonus pictures! Starting from the left: casual meetup coordinate, 
Halloween party with hubby, and Renaissance Faire outfit.

I ordered a bunch of new fabric, both for myself and for commissions, so expect some sewing posts around the holidays!


  1. I've recently been working on making a new renaissance costume for myself. I really like the your hat in your picture! Did you make it? Is there a pattern online for it or one similar? Thanks! ^_^

    1. I did not make my hat, unfortunately. Faire clothing is one thing I really haven't made too much of--I like to collect pieces here and there from different vendors instead. I would try searching for historical hat patterns, you might be able to find something there!