Saturday, April 5, 2014

March Coordinates: Boystyle, Pirates, and More

photo courtesy (used with permission)
In March, we had two swap meets, a pirate-themed meet at the museum, and an indie brand tea party in LA. It was a pretty laid-back month, not too busy, but it's really just a lull before the storm--April and especially May are going to be pretty crazy!

Since the February swap meet was postponed due to bad weather, we had it in the first week of March instead. I wanted to do something a bit different, so I tried a straight-up boystyle outfit! I have a few vests that I usually wear with skirts, so wearing shorts was a new thing. I really liked how it turned out, so I'll probably end up doing it again sometime.

Doll Coppelia Vest Alice and the Pirates
Prince Conrad Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Velveteen Shorts Alice and the Pirates
Harlequin Tights Alice and the Pirates
Fairytales Pochette Alice and the Pirates
Boots Bodyline
Beret offbrand (unknown)
Jack Skellington Ring Disney Couture

The local museum has a special pirate exhibit right now featuring relics from the wreck of real pirate ship Whydah, so I wanted to have a pirate-themed meetup--mostly as an excuse to wear my pirate skirt and tricorn that don't get very much use. I redid the decorations on the hat, and really like how it turned out!

Skirt handmade by me (fabric by TejaJamilla)

Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Tights TejaJamilla
Hat decorated by me, base by BellaBows
Jewelry handmade by me & Forever21
Shoes Bodyline
Bag offbrand (Loris)

Then, of course, we had our regular March swap meet, and I went for a simple Gothic coordinate with one of my oldest handmade JSKs. I didn't do anything super over the top since it was a small meet, but I still really like how it all came together.

Skeleton Birdcage JSK handmade by me
Lace Collar Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Fairytales Pochette Alice and the Pirates
Rose Feather Clip Surface Spell
Boots Bodyline
Jewelry vintage

The last event of the month was a tea party up north for the Korean indie brand LIEF! You all know how much I like LIEF, and I love that they are getting so much exposure here in North America. After this event and the Tijuana event in January, I've been able to enjoy their dresses in person several times now.

I don't usually like re-wearing dresses so close to each other, but since Carousel Theater didn't arrive in time for the event, I knew that I had to wear Instruments Regimental again for the tea party. To change things up, I coordinated it with black and gold this time, and tried to go for a more elegant look than what I wore for Dapper Days.

Instruments Regimental JSK LIEF
Princess Blouse handmade by me
Harlequin Socks Alice and the Pirates
Canotier Headband Alice and the Pirates
Rose Clips Surface Spell
Shoes Bodyline
Jewelry handmade by me and/or Forever21

April is already getting really busy, so stay tuned for more event posts! Thanks for reading~

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  1. Your coords are so well put together. I like your style.