Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Coordinates: Lots of Gothic, and a little bit of trying something new

Somehow I ended up wearing a lot of more Gothic coordinates this month. I mean, I wear a lot of black anyway (considering over half my Lolita wardrobe is black) but usually things end up looking more on the Classic side. Then, at the end of the month, I tried to wear something more colorful and a bit out of my comfort zone. Go me!

The first meetup of the month was our annual community Easter Picnic at the park! The theme was originally just going to be cakes, but then we added on angels so that the Classic/Gothic types (like me) would be able to fit the theme more easily. Of course this means I had to wear the only thing I have with angels on it.

"Gloria~ Glassy St Mary" Skirt Alice and the Pirates

Velveteen Bustier Metamorphose
Chiffon Blouse handmade by me
Veil Bow Headband handmade by me
Faux Fur Capelet handmade by me
Hair Roses Forever21 & Surface Spell
Jewelry Forever21
Shoes Bodyline

Then in the middle of the month, there was Anime Conji, the local (small) anime convention. It's run by the same people as Anime Expo now, so the organization was a lot better this year, and also the new location was way better. But it's still small, and really best for just socializing as the content is pretty sparse.

The first day, I just wore a comfy casual outfit to go pick up my badge after work and talk to the con staff about our panels.

Rapunzel Cutsew OP Alice and the Pirates

Fairytales Pochette Alice and the Pirates
Harlequin Tights Alice and the Pirates
Hairband handmade by me
Wristcuffs Angelic Pretty
Homura Soul Gem Necklace Madoka official merchandise
Shoes Bodyline

Our community ran two panels during the convention, Lolita 101 and Lolita Shopping Workshop. The first one was geared towards beginners and typical con-goers, with all the basics and a mini pseudo fashion show. I tried to represent a Gothic coordinate to the best of my wardrobe's capabilities!

"Masquerade Theater" Skirt & Bonnet Alice and the Pirates

Lace Collar Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Fairytales Pochette Alice and the Pirates
Socks Metamorphose
Hair Roses Surface Spell
Boots Bodyline
Jewelry vintage

The second panel was kind of a workshop presentation, with tips on navigating TaoBao and secondhand shops, as well as a quick and dirty Bodyline guide. It was supposed to be pretty warm that day, so I wore one of my cap-sleeve JSKs so that I could skip extra layers. Even though it was a pretty simple coordinate, it's probably one of my favorites so far this year!

"Dance of the Black Cats" JSK Alice and the Pirates

Round Hair Accessory Alice and the Pirates
Harlequin Socks Alice and the Pirates
Wristcuffs Angelic Pretty
Jewelry handmade by me & vintage
Shoes Bodyline

I actually dressed up in a casual coordinate for another small event before the Easter meetup, but I never ended up taking pictures, so I guess you'll have to wait for me to rehash it some other time.

Last but not least, I wanted to try out the JSK I got from my friend at the last swap meet. I fell in love with the unusual colors, even though it's not something I would typically wear. Blue and brown are not a usual part of my wardrobe, but the plaid also has hints of white and burgundy, which of course I love. I did end up coordinating it with brown this time, but I think next time I'll try red!

Antique Tartan JSK Innocent World

Knit Bolero handmade by me
Snowflake Socks Jane Marple
Heart Bag offbrand (Loris)
Shoes Bodyline
Hair Accessories BABY and Surface Spell
Jewelry Forever21

Coming in the next month are a few Disneyland trips, a tea meet, and more! As always, thanks for reading. You can also find me on tumblr.

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