Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pacific Media Expo 2014: Saturday

This last weekend was Pacific Media Expo, the fashion-forward Japanese pop culture convention of Southern California, and it was tons of fun! The ladies in the fashion department outdid themselves again this year with the tea party, and we all spent a lot of time just socializing in the boutique.

The boutique this year featured Innocent World, of course, and also Alice and the Pirates/BABY San Francisco, Korean brand LIEF, and other indie brands. There was also a secondhand Lolita reseller, and a V-Kei shop. I got a jumperskirt from Alice and the Pirates, and a ring from one of the Gothic artists. My good friend also picked up a pair of socks for me on Friday, before the ivory ones sold out! (Also included in the picture are all the postcards, and the adorable Charlotte figure that my husband bought.)

I took a ton of pictures at the tea party, but here is just a sample for your enjoyment. I had a great time catching up with some friends I haven't seen in a long time, and of course shopping for things in person.

The room was decorated really nicely, and we all got to take home adorable mugs with lemontree11's artwork on it, along with some buttons, a bookmark, and an Innocent World postcard. The food was excellent, and we decimated it! There were lots of savory options, which was great, because a lot of times tea parties are all just sweets.

We all had a chance to meet Fujiwara-san, and some people even brought her little gifts, like a beautiful handmade hair accessory and one of the Lolita Disneyland Day pins (my friend was the artist, so she presented the pin to Fujiwara). She was so tall and elegant! I can see now why she designs such lovely long dresses.

Everyone got together for a group photo, and then we also got a smaller group photo with all the girls who traveled up from San Diego for the event. They had set up a nice backdrop, and also brought toy swords and shields, which I thought was super fun!

Of course, there were also goofy pictures...

...which is inevitable with my friends!

After the tea party, there was a panel with Ms. Fujiwara. It wasn't as much fun as the tea party, and she seemed a lot more shy at the panel, but I wanted to be sure to go to all of the fashion events.

Everyone was so beautiful--because the GOH was Innocent World, the theme was definitely classic for most attendees. Stay tuned for a huge photodump from the fashion show that took place on Sunday!

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