Friday, May 8, 2015

April Coordinates

April was another busy month for Lolita--again, I had five opportunities to get dressed up and hang out with people, which was so much fun! I've been trying to wear Lolita at least once a week this year, and been quite successful recently.

Read on for five Classic & Gothic outfits...

One of my favorite authors was doing a book tour last month, and I had dressed up for the first time I saw them, so I thought I should do it again for consistency's sake. I did something a little more casual, and ended up loving how it turned out.

“Doll Coppelia” Vest Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Frill Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Acanthus Skirt Innocent World
Hair Accessory Alice and the Pirates
Socks BABY
Jewelry BABY & Forever21
Shoes Bodyline

We also had our community's annual Spring Picnic this year, and since it was close to Easter, I wore a religious-themed outfit. This was about as far into OTT classic as I usually get with the sash and extra hair roses...

“Mozarabic Chant” Skirt Krad Lanrete
“Musette” Bustier Innocent World
Chiffon Frill Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Hair Accessories Krad Lanrete/Surface Spell
Jewelry & Tights Forever21
Shoes Bodyline

One of the girls in the community organized a high tea meetup, so it was a nice break to be able to attend something without worrying about the back end of things! I brought my husband along, too, since he loves tea food.

“Gloria ~ Glassy St. Mary” Skirt Alice and the Pirates
“Musette” Bustier Innocent World
Chiffon Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Harlequin Socks Alice and the Pirates
Hair Accessories BABY/Surface Spell
Jewelry handmade/Forever21
Wristcuffs Angelic Pretty
Shoes Bodyline

My friend little-gnarwhal was the inspiration for my swap meet coordinate--she's really into chocolate themes and berets! 

“Alice’s Chess” JSK & Headband BABY
Chiffon Frill Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Heart Collar Jacket & Beret handmade by me
Socks Jane Marple
Shoes Bodyline
Jewelry Forever21

The last coordinate of the month was for a very bittersweet event--Fairytale Boutique in LA had a closing party to celebrate the end of three lovely years at their physical store. I had a great time being able to catch up with so many friends I hadn't seen in a long time, but the occasion was also a bit sombre. There was no official theme, but I thought Gothic was appropriate given the atmosphere. I also finally took a photo with the "selfie mirror" as one last hurrah for the shop.

“Masquerade Theater” Skirt Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Blouse & Underskirt handmade by me
“Fairytales” Pochette Alice and the Pirates
Hair Accessories offbrand/Surface Spell
Jewelry BPN (necklace), LIEF (brooch), Forever21 (earrings/rings)
Tights offbrand
Boots Bodyline

Coming up next, another cosplay dump, this time for recently finished commissions.

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  1. I love all your looks, you always look spot on!