Tuesday, May 5, 2015

(Late!) March Coordinates: Five coordinates, many styles

March was a pretty crazy month for me, with Hanadoki Con preparation and several other events, along with lots of cosplay sewing and all of my non-hobby life. But, I still managed to have time to dress up quite a bit, and here is the late coordinate round-up!

Read on for five outfits~

The first is a more otome coordinate that I threw on to run errands and take photos for lemontree11's amazing price tag project. You can see her finished photo set here! I wanted to show an outfit that was elegant and understated, and not too expensive, either.

“Ticking Stripe” JSK & headband handmade by me
Chiffon Frill Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Jewelry handmade by me
Shoes Bodyline
Bag Taobao (Loris)
Socks offbrand (Charlotte Russe)

The second outfit was for a high tea meetup with a neighboring community. I was really on a burgundy kick after the previous two outfits (see February as well)! This dress is probably my very favorite out of everything I own, and I always look forward to wearing it.

“End of Immortal Eden” JSK II & Bonnet Alice and the Pirates
Socks Metamorphose
Jewelry handmade by me
Shoes Bodyline
Bag Taobao (Loris)

Then, I went to go see the new Cinderella movie with my best friend, and we decided to wear Lolita for it. I thought that the print was perfect for the movie, since it features a castle and a coach! I also ended up not wearing a wig or contact lenses for comfort (though I took my glasses off for the picture).

“Gertrude” JSK Innocent World
Knit Bolero handmade by me
Ribbon Bag Alice and the Pirates
Shoes Bodyline
Beret & Roses offbrand/Surface Spell
Jewelry Forever21

For Hanadoki Con, I obviously needed to wear something that I had made, and since I didn't want to feature any print pieces in the show itself (as I am not the artist), I ended up wearing my pirate skirt myself. I just adore teja_jamilla's artwork! 

Thank you, Diana Ramirez Photography for the beautiful picture.

“Narwhal Pirate” Skirt handmade by me, fabric by Teja Jamilla
“Prince Conrad” Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Pirate Tights Teja Jamilla
Pirate Hat base by Bella Bows, decorated by me
Jewelry handmade by me
Shoes Bodyline

Finally, for the swap meet, I tried to come up with something fun and different from normal with my lucky pack shorts salopette. It ended up a bit otome, a bit boystyle, and all adorable--one of my favorite casual outfits to date!

Tartan Salopette Alice and the Pirates
Angel Wing Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Fairytales Pochette Alice and the Pirates
Beret handmade by me
Jewelry BPN & vintage
Boots Bodyline
Rose Clips Surface Spell

If you want to see my outfits throughout the month instead of waiting for the post (since I might be late, like this time, oops), you can follow me on tumblr. April coordinate post coming soon!

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  1. I always love seeing your outfits, you have a wonderful personal style! That casual tartan look is particularly adorable :)