Friday, July 24, 2015

SDCC 2015 Cosplay & Fourth Annual Fashion Walk

I was super exhausted for San Diego Comic-Con this year, because if it being back-to-back with Anime Expo. I only had two days between the two cons to recover and get ready! The only new thing for SDCC was my Jedi outfit, but it was a great opportunity to bring back some favorites.

Keep reading for my con reflection and more pictures!

Wednesday was Day 0, or Preview Night, and I wore Lolita to work in my department all afternoon and most of the evening. (I'll share the outfit in the coordinate post at the end of the month.) I had fun catching up with my staff friends, many of whom I only see once a year. One of them brought the cutest Pomeranian puppy with them!

On Thursday, I wore Sailor Uranus with my friend as Sailor Moon. We spent most of the morning wandering around the convention center together, talking and getting our pictures taken. We got photographed and interviewed by Refinery29, which was fun! You can check out their article on cosplaying ladies here.

We also had an impromptu photoshoot with Al of Eurobeat Kasumi Photography.

Friday was Jedi day, and the day that I spent the most time in the Exhibit Hall. It was huge as ever this year, but I didn't end up buying anything since Anime Expo had just happened. There were a lot of really cool displays at the booths, though--Weta Workshop was the most impressive (as usual) with full suits of armor, and a bunch of Middle Earth props and figurines.

For Saturday, I wore Melisandre with a friend as Brienne, just like at Wondercon. We went to the Game of Thrones cosplay meetup that afternoon (Lumdigital took some great photos of the meet that you can check out on their page) before she had to rush off for the Hannibal panel, and I was on my own again. We were also in IGN's cosplay video, and got interviewed by a Japanese TV station!

And of course, last but not least, Sunday was our annual J-fashion walk! I counted it back, and this is the fourth year that we've done it. We changed the route somewhat this year, since we had been outgrowing our original meeting place, and it worked out quite well. We walked along the marina nearly all the way to Seaport Village, stopping for pictures twice. I met up with the Toronto Lolitas again, and met some new faces, too.

Walking together; obligatory Thriller pose

Group photos at the two locations

Praying for the basics; Sweet Lolitas; Classic Lolitas; Gothic Lolitas

Terrible prom poses!
Hanging out after the walk finished
After everyone split off, some of us went on in to Seaport for Ben & Jerry's, and then it was back home for dinner with friends and finally a chance to relax after nearly eleven days straight of convention!

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