Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December Coordinates

December! The holidays have come and gone, and here in California there were only a few opportunities for cute winter outfits, but I did what I could. I wore a nice mix of my favorite styles, and even got to squeeze in something Christmas-y.

Read on for this month's five coordinates.

My family was visiting from out of town at the beginning of the month, since my cousin was getting married near where I live. My mother and sister love Lolita, so I let them help me pick out my outfits that weekend. This one is what my sister chose. I decided to coordinate it more casually and use my natural hair, which was nice and comfortable.

“Instruments Regimental” JSK & Brooch LIEF
Blouse Forever21
Tights Forever21
Hair Accessories Surfacespell
Shoes Bodyline

For my cousin's wedding, my aunt encouraged everyone to wear something that "represents them", and gave me the go-ahead to wear Lolita. I had my mom pick out this one, and she chose Rose's Prisoner for the deep burgundy color. 

"Rose's Prisoner in Pirate's Ship" JSK & Socks Alice and the Pirates
Frill Sleeve Jacket Alice and the Pirates
Chiffon Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Canotier Headband Alice and the Pirates/Surfacespell
Shoes Bodyline

We had the community swap meet for November and December in the middle of the month, to accommodate the holidays. It was stormy and wet that night, so I was glad I chose to dress more warmly! My poor cape got completely soaked in the rain getting to and from dinner and the meetup.

“Tartan Velvet” JSK handmade by me
“Angel Wing” Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Beret & Bow handmade by me
Socks BABY
Boots Bodyline
Jewelry handmade by me

One of my goals the last few months has been to wear Lolita at least once a week. Since I'm far too lazy to wear it to work, this means wearing it every weekend, whether there's a meetup or not! This outfit was one of those coordinates, just for running errands and working on sewing projects. It was supposed to be super casual, but ended up quite put-together by the end.

“School Tartan” Skirt handmade by me
“Musette” Bustier Innocent World
“Prince Conrad” Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Beret & Bow handmade by me
Socks BABY
Necklace BABY (modified by me)

For Christmas, I hadn't planned on having a meetup (since family things took over most of my month) but everyone really wanted to do something! So I ended up hosting a cookie exchange at my house. We were supposed to play board games, too, but ended up just sitting around drinking and talking for hours. There were so many cookies, too! I made gingerbread (ninjabread, actually, with my ninja cookie cutters) and oatmeal M&M cookies. My husband even made some, too--cornbread sugar cookies with honey cream cheese frosting.

This was a fun and interesting coordinate for me--I don't usually do light-colored boystyle, but wanted to put together something Christmas-y (and finally use those red and white socks that I bought last year and never wore). I made the shorts to match the vision I had, though I'm not sure when I'll wear them again. I wish that I had white or red boots, since the black doesn't match, but other than that I think it turned out pretty cute.

Tartan Vest Alice and the Pirates
Prince Conrad Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Shorts handmade by me
Socks Chantilly
Beret offbrand
Shoes Bodyline

Now it's time to get ready for the annual wardrobe post, and start working on 2016 cosplay plans!


  1. I am so glad to hear you are doing a wardrobe post this year! I enjoyed looking through yours last year and look forward to doing so again.

    1. Well, it's going to be super late, and just posted here since I missed January. Things got really busy, oops!

  2. You look so lovely! I love the Rose Prisoner and your own handmade outfits especially! *0*


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