Saturday, April 2, 2016

Coordinate Catch-up: Outfits from January through March

Convention season is already started here in California, so Lolita has fallen by the wayside already, as it does when cosplay takes over my life. Even so, I did have some occasions to dress up with my friends!

I've been trying to wear Lolita when I play Pathfinder on the weekends, so I've been coming up with cute, comfortable outfits to wear when I game. This was what I wore to play in January.

Flocked Heart Short-Sleeve JSK Metamorphose
Sheer Blouse handmade by me
Cage Tights Sheglit
Hair Accessories handmade by me/Surfacespell
Jewelry handmade by me/Forever21

Later in the month, we had an ice skating meetup with the comm, and I chose to wear boystyle for easy skating. It was really fun (even though I got overconfident and fell once, oops) and I'm glad I went with pants for my outfit.

“Herr Drosselmeyer” Vest & Beret handmade by me
Chiffon Blouse handmade by me
Long Shorts Bodyline (modified by me)
Harlequin Socks Alice and the Pirates
Ring Necrosarium

For "Galentine's Day" I went to a fabric sale with my best friend. We both wore Lolita, and the ladies at the sale loved it! I got some great new materials for Lolita projects, including a beautiful tartan that I can't wait to make into a JSK.

“Harlequin Music” Skirt handmade by me
Chiffon Blouse handmade by me
Hair Accessories Surfacespell
Jewelry handmade by me

The community Valentine's Day meetup was a week later, and at an art museum. It also happened to be my birthday, so rather than wearing something Valentine's themed, I wore the JSK that I had just gotten as a birthday present to myself!

“Ave Maria Choir” JSK Innocent World
Headdress Alice and the Pirates (+SurfaceSpell roses)
Socks Alice and the Pirates
Jewelry Forever21/vintage
Shoes Bodyline

And last but not least, the only event I went to in March was a tea party in honor of the Korean brand LIEF, which is one of my personal favorites. I coordinated my favorite LIEF JSK again, and it occurred to me that this is probably my most-worn dress! But I think that's okay, because it's my favorite.

“Instruments Regimental” JSK LIEF
Printemps Blouse Juliette et Justine
Beret handmade by me
Socks Angelic Pretty
Accessories LIEF/Surfacespell/handmade

Things will be pretty busy until July, so I don't expect to be able to wear much Lolita in the next couple of months, but I hope that I will at least have a few opportunities since I love it so much. Coming up next, my Hanadoki Con masquerade experience!

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