I take commissions for cosplay and Lolita on a limited, first-come first-serve basis depending on time available. I do work full time, so typical turnaround is around 6-8 weeks for project completion unless another time frame is agreed upon. I am slow, but you will be guaranteed a quality costume or dress.

Prices are based on a formula of materials plus labor. Half of the total cost is required to begin the project, with the other half to be paid after completion and before shipping. Adjustments for material costs outside of the initial quote will be added to the second payment. Requests can be done through Facebook or email, and payment options include PayPal, Square, and Amazon Payments.

Typical rates: materials + $15/hr + $12/hr pattern drafting

Sample Invoice

I will estimate the hours based on past experience and how complicated the project is. I will be taking a limited number (not usually more than two or three a month) of these kinds of projects at any one time, to avoid backlogs. 

Shipping will normally be USPS flat-rate priority mail, but international and other options are available as well.

If you are local to Southern California, personal fittings and pickup can also be arranged.

While I'm open to taking plus-sized commissions, I do not have a larger sized dress form to work with, only a small/medium adjustable. I will do my utmost to be as accurate as possible, but larger sizing will be based on calculations only at this time.

Cirno from Touhou Project, custom version for a friend
Cirno from Touhou Project, design collaboration with a friend

Kirito from Sword Art Online, commissionKirito from Sword Art Online, commission
Kirito from Sword Art Online, commission through Facebook

Sailor Snow White (fanart), commission through Facebook

Satsuki Kiryuin, personal cosplay

For more examples of past projects, look through anything with the sewing tag or the commissions tag.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, or message me on my Facebook page!


  1. As a ballpark figure, approximately how many hours would it take you to pattern and make a moderately detailed JSK?

    1. OHHH MY GOD I just saw this comment when I was going through my blogger settings. I am so sorry!

      A typical JSK takes me around 8-10 hours, including the drafting. I'm bad about keeping track on personal projects, though, so it might be a bit shorter these days as I sew more and more.