Monday, August 23, 2010

Marble Cookie at the Outlet Mall

Heart Marble Cookie!

Yesterday, my mom, aunt, sister, and I went to the Seattle Outlet mall in Tulalip to go shopping. Any real shopping trip means I must dress up! Unfortunately, we only snagged on picture before we left, and it was kind of fuzzy, so I apologize for the quality. This is the first time I've worn this new jumperskirt out, and the first time for the shoes, too, so I'm very pleased with the whole outfit!

Purse (borrowed from my sister, again)

While I was shopping, I ended up with a new sweatshirt sort of thing (honestly I'm not entirely sure what to call it) and a cute gray sundress! Then today, we went to the local outlet mall for some underwear shopping. I haven't bought new underwear in months! I got some really cute new bra and panty sets for cheap, so I'm feeling pretty happy.


  1. you're really cute ^^
    BTW I'll follow your blog !

  2. That is a very cute baby jsk <3 Love the colour~! Bodyline ballerina lace up shoes? Are they any good? Comfort wise

  3. @ワリス: They are surprisingly comfortable. I walked around a mall in them for four hours, and they didn't squish my toes like my last pair of Lolita heels. The support is good, but they are kind of hard, so I'm going to be getting some nice soft inserts for them soon. Other than that, I really like them! I kind of want another pair in another color...