Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Picnic?!

It's summer here in Southern California, and for our Lolita community, that means PICNICS. This one was in honor of a friend of a friend, visiting from the east coast of Canada. We all got together to show him how cool we are over here!

All aboard!
I made cupcakes for the picnic, but very stupidly forgot to take pictures of them. I made Kahlua cupcakes with mocha cream cheese frosting--they were a big hit! I didn't take any home for once. They were very moist and had a distinct coffee flavor. It was very hot, so unfortunately the frosting was kind of melty, but there were still very tasty.

Almost the whole group waiting to get on the train.
In addition to food and just hanging out, we went on the carousel and mini train. Who cares if that stuff is supposed to be for kids? It's too much fun to skip!

I wore one of my handmade dresses, coordinated with BABY blouse and socks, and H&M hair accessories. Definitely on the sweeter side, but I think that's appropriate for summer.

Coming next, Comic-Con and another sewing project!

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  1. You look super cute, and those cupcakes sound delicious!