Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another Bodyline Shoe Review

I'm a big fan of Bodyline shoes. They're cheap, relatively comfortable, and come in a variety of designs and colors. I tend to be pretty hard on shoes, so as much as it would be cool to have brand name shoes from Alice and the Pirates or BABY, I would be so scared to wear them out for fear of damaging them!

I got three pairs this time in three different colors. I wanted these to replace my old platform shoes, which are too Sweet in style and make me too tall for my liking. Read on for pictures and a brief fit review!

Since I've been updating my closet with more Classic items, I decided to do a shoe refresh as well. This time I went with two pairs of SHOES168 in black and brown and one pair of SHOES267 in white, and got both designs in size 23.5, which is my "true" size.

As usual, Bodyline's packing is a little circumspect. The bag was even ripped this time! Luckily none of the shoes were damaged. They were each individually wrapped in tissue and packed inside to keep their shape. 

This is how I received the package from the post office.
Oh no, a huge hole!
Counting to make sure there are six shoes total...
Everything looks pretty good--no obvious issues or manufacturing problems other than the weird smell. The white is more ivory, which is good, and the black and brown are the same shade as my other Bodyline shoes.

With supports and tissue for shape.
As for fit, the 168's are a little on the short side in the toe, so I would say they run a little small. Not so much that they are not wearable, and they still fit fine with cushioned inserts. With prolonged wear they might rub the toe uncomfortably, so if you are worried about that kind of thing, order a half size up. I wore them out for a day at the mall recently, and they were tolerable for majority of the day, but pinching by the end, so these probably wouldn't be the best for a convention, just regular meetups.

Pardon the watermark, these are the same pictures I used over on my PoupeeGirl.

The 267's are true to size in length, but a friend of mine who also has a pair said that they rub the back of her ankles. If this proves true for me as well, it will be easily fixed with some stick-on pads (Dr. Scholl's makes some, if I recall correctly). These are a little tight across the top of the foot with cushioned inserts (because of the design with elastic rather than a buckle), but fit perfectly fine without.

I have yet to wear these ones for a significant length of time, but I should have an opportunity soon, so I might update the post with a better fit evaluation then.

Overall, Bodyline is, as usual, excellent for affordable shoes and accessories.

Ordering: 5/5 (their site is slow, but easy to use)
Shipping: 3/5 (no tracking, but reasonably fast and very cheap)
Packaging: 2/5 (terrible as always)
Quality: 4.5/5 (great for the price)

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