Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Krad Lanrete's Mozarabic Chant

I fell in love with Krad Lanrete's Mozarabic Chant after someone posted their review of it on EGL. I knew I had to have it! So a few months ago, I organized a Taobao group order (to save on shipping) and ordered the long skirt in red.

Keep reading for more pictures and a brief review.

I used TaobaoSpree for my shopping service, and because it was a group order it took a lot longer to get to us here in the states. One friend's dress was backordered, things took longer to arrive at the shopping service, etc. TaobaoSpree was great throughout, and always responded to my requests for updates quickly and politely, and helped us cancel some things so that the package could be shipped.

Photo from my PoupeeGirl account.
Mozarabic Chant arrived packaged in clear plastic with the belt tucked inside. It was a little wrinkly, but after hanging up for a few days looked perfect. The fabric is very thick and soft, and the print is very crisp. The brand name is in shiny gold at the border, and the lace is actually a light gold as well (just faintly sparkly) rather than ivory like I originally thought. The waistband is true to size and fits perfectly. The construction is good--it's fully lined and overlocked, and the only weak point is the zipper where it meets the waistband (as with many Lolita dresses and skirts).

This skirt is long. I ordered the long size because I'm tall, and even though I knew the measurements, I still somehow underestimated it in my head. Unfortunately, this means that my current petticoats will not work with it, so I'll be investing in a long one soon (I've been eyeing the Snow Field petticoats for a while now, so I think this will be my push to finally get one or two). I am 5' 8" for reference.

Here I coordinated it with my black handmade chiffon blouse, Innocent World's Musette bustier (a recent and absolutely fabulous purchase), black lace tights, and ivory x gold accessories. I think it would look better with boots, but it was entirely too hot for anything else when I wore it to our monthly swap meet the other day.

I used the belt as a hair band, which I think worked well enough. I do eventually want to get the matching hair band (gold lace with a red bow) but for now, I rather like the sort of gypsy otome look of the belt as a headband.

Overall Rating
Construction & Quality: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Accuracy of Advertisement: 4.5/5 (the photos on the site make it look shorter than it is, but the measurements were accurate)

Basically, it's a gorgeous skirt with a beautiful medieval design, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it. All of the Mozarabic Chant versions sell out very quickly, and are not re-released very frequently. It also has a very high resale value at the moment.


  1. I always thought that skirt was lovely. Every colorway has its own charm and would seem difficult to choose a favorite from. I'm glad they rereleased it as well :)

    1. Me too! I'd love to get my hands on one of the JSKs, too, but I'll have to wait for another release cycle I think.

  2. so gorgeous!! I've never actually seen that before but it's very lovely :o and looks amazing on you!

    1. As an indie brand they are starting to gain popularity, so I think you will probably see more of them in the future. It really is a very lovely piece of clothing!

  3. I love the hair accessory! It really pulls the whole outfit together. <3