Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Convention Season!

I have to confess, I'm going through Lolita withdrawals. I haven't been able to dress up at all for the last two months due to various reasons, and it's honestly a bit depressing. I even have a beautiful new skirt and blouse and haven't been able to wear them out!

However, it's almost convention season, and you know what that means? Cosplay!

I recently started getting back into cosplay, and decided that this year's Anime Expo was going to be the excuse I needed to actually get off my butt and do something new. After doing so many cosplay commissions for other people, it was high time that I started doing something for myself, too.

Read on for my plans!

What are my plans, you ask? Well, I don't like doing too many new costumes at once. A lot of serious cosplayers have a new one for each day of a convention, but on the one hand, I'm lazy, and on the other, I want to get good mileage out of each outfit, and that means wearing them more than one day and to more than one convention.

I decided that the two new ones for Anime Expo were going to be Lady Knight 女騎士 (Onna Kishi) from the recent show Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Winter 2013) and then to fulfill my dream of doing a Sailor Soldier--Sailor Uranus--from Sailor Moon. Since I don't know anything about making armor, I decided to do Lady Knight's regular outfit (plus it's the one she wears for the majority of the show) and to start with the regular "classic" version of Sailor Uranus.

I also have a friend who is going to do Sailor Neptune with me, so I'm going to be making two Sailor Senshi outfits! It's a lot of work, but I think cosplaying with a friend will be a lot more fun than doing it alone.

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll have seen all of my "sneak preview" pictures on Instagram for these costumes. I'm getting really excited! Lady Knight is almost 100% complete--the only thing left is to finish styling the wig (I need to cut the bangs) and prance around in it for a while to make sure everything is comfortable.

The Sailor Soldier outfits are coming along as well. I have all of the materials for both fuku, and most of the accessories for Sailor Uranus, including the wig and tiara. I have one fuku cut out and ready to get started on tonight.

So even though I haven't been able to wear Lolita much recently, I've still been having a lot of fun and keeping busy in preparation for Anime Expo. I'm hoping to have some more things done before Pacific Media Expo--Super Sailor Uranus, for one!

If you're going to be at the convention, look for me. I'll be there all four days. I'll post which costumes on which days on my Facebook page, so make sure to keep an eye out for me and my friends. See you then!

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