Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Lolita Halloween Party & "Black Magic" Cupcakes

For Halloween this year, we had a small party at my house--and it was the first time we've had that many people over since we moved in! It was quite exciting, and Fred and George had a blast with all the people. The food was potluck style, and I provided dessert with "Black Magic" cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting.

Read on for meetup pictures and cupcake details.
I found a clever use for the Disneyland popcorn cups! They're the perfect size for filling the pastry bag so I don't have to bug someone in the house to hold it for me.

The recipe is Hershey's "Black Magic" cake, and the frosting is a basic cream cheese with orange extract (and orange food coloring). I got cute bat sprinkles from Michael's to keep the Halloween spirit.

The community Halloween meetup gave me an excuse to do a little bit of Halloween decorating, which was fun. I had games planned, but everyone ended up having a good time just hanging out and socializing. One of the girls brought some cute crafts, too.

Fred enjoying another cat's tail, and an amazing spread of potluck food.

 My living room and back yard have never seen this many people!

The fuzzy stars of the show, and a tiny Link.

Things wound down with people playing Pokemon, and then I had the pleasure of cleaning the place up (but hey, that's the price of entertaining, right?) afterwards. I'm looking forward to having more casual events at my house later in the year!

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