Monday, November 18, 2013

Autumn Outfit Catch-Up

There have been a lot of fun events recently, and so many great opportunities to wear Lolita. I've been dressing up so much that I haven't even gotten photos of some of the coordinates! Between the events (and event posts) there are still outfits that haven't been posted, so it's time to catch up.

Photo courtesy Christine de la Creme
Keep reading for the PMX Tea Party, Halloween coordinates, and more!

Let's go in reverse chronological order this time, so that the fun stuff is at the top~

Une Petite Fete, the Juliette et Justine tea party featuring Mari Nakamura (the designer and creator) was very lovely and tons of fun--there were so many amazing sweets, and cool people. Ms. Nakamura was very funny and engaging even with the language barrier, and we had lots of fun asking her about her inspiration (angels!) and her cat, A-chan.

Photo courtesy Christine de la Creme

One of the requirements for attending the tea party was to wear something from Juliette et Justine, and I am so glad I got this blouse. It's absolutely gorgeous, fits perfectly (the sleeves are long enough, which is amazing), and is the same lovely off-white color that matches all of my other brand items. I'm definitely turning into a fan of the brand.

The rest of the outfit: bustier from Innocent World, skirt from Alice and the Pirates. Socks are from BABY and boots are Bodyline. Veil headband is handmade by me, and the rest of the hair accessories and jewelry are from Forever21 and H&M.

For the Halloween season this year, I did an Ursula-themed coordinate! I tried to use the villain's color palette while still keeping to the Lolita style. I also wore it to Disneyland with the cool limited-edition Ursula Mickey ears.

The first version is with the handmade lavender blouse and my recently finished "Black Princess" JSK. I got Ursula jewelry (shell necklace and earrings) from an artist on Etsy, and made a gold crown out of craft foam to match the one she steals from King Triton. This was for the Magical Witch Meetup at Fairytale Boutique!

The second version was for our local Halloween party, and is more toned down/comfortable. Same blouse, wig, and jewelry, but this time worn with an Innocent World skirt and bustier, and simple hair accessories.

September swap meet outfit. Jumperskirt and headband are handmade by me, blouse and socks are BABY. Shoes are Bodyline.

We had a picnic meetup at the park in the middle of September--I wanted to do something outdoors before the weather started to get colder (but of course, this is California, so it's now 80 degrees in November). Jumperskirt and bonnet are from Alice and the Pirates, blouse is handmade by me, and socks are from BABY.

August swap meet coordinate. The weather was really hot, so I wore something that didn't necessarily need a blouse. Dress is from Alice and the Pirates, tights are offbrand, and hair accessories are a mix of handmade, offbrand, and BABY.

July swap meet outfit. Oldschool sweet! Everything except for the black headband and boots is from BABY.

As we come up on the holiday season, expect to see some more festive coordinates!

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