Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Coordinates: Berries and chocolate and clocks, oh my!

February was another busy month for Lolita, with a photoshoot, a couple of meetups, and Dapper Day at Disneyland! I've started sharing my outfits on Tumblr, and it's a lot of fun to see how far they go there. You can follow me at konekoanni.

I think my wardrobe transition from Sweet styles to Classic/Gothic is very nearly complete--though I did bring out some sweeter outfits for Valentine's Day. Keep going for the outfits~
The first meetup of the month was a Valentine's Day meet hosted by Fairytale Boutique. I had a lot of fun catching up with some of my friends from that area. We ended up leaving the party for a while to wander the "sad mall" and get some food, and found a cool painted wall to take pictures with.

"Fruit Tart Embroidery" JSK & Socks BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT

Red Chiffon Blouse Infanta
Ivory Minky Bolero handmade by me
Hair Combs Alice and the Pirates
Rose Hair Clips Surface Spell
Jewelry handmade by a friend
Shoes Bodyline
Bag offbrand (Loris)

The next day, I did a photoshoot with another local photographer at this lovely park with lots of Victorian-era houses. I went with a more Gothic outfit with black, gray/silver, and gold. I ended up changing the hair accessories from the outfit layout at the last minute, and ended up liking my second choice a lot better! For a full outfit shot, take a look at the photoshoot.

"Alice and the Secret of the Clock Tower" JSK Alice and the Pirates

Stand Collar Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Fairytales Pochette Alice and the Pirates
Harlequin Socks Alice and the Pirates
Hair bow handmade by me
Hair rose clips Surface Spell and H&M
Shoes Bodyline
Jewelry various offbrand
Nails custom made to match the outfit by Lovekiller

For the local Valentine's Day meetup, I decided on a chocolate-themed outfit in shades of brown. It's my ONE brown dress, so I'm really quite amazed that I have enough appropriate accessories! I also spent several hours that morning completely redoing the wig--I ended up combing out the curls and trimming it much shorter, but I think it's a lot cuter this way now.

"Alice’s Chess" JSK and Headband BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT

Brown Bolero handmade by me
Sparkle Snowflake OTKs Jane Marple
Shoes Bodyline
Bag Offbrand (Loris)
Jewelry Forever21

I debated for a long time about what I wanted to wear to Dapper Day at Disneyland. Did I want to wear brand, or handmade? Classic or Gothic? Themed or normal? Eventually, I decided on indie brand, Classic, and un-themed. It was the inaugural wear of my newest JSK, too!

"Instruments Regimental" JSK Lief

Chiffon Blouse Forever21
Ribbon Bag Alice and the Pirates
Floral Tights Forever21
Beret offbrand
Rose Hair Clips Surface Spell
Shoes Bodyline
Jewelry handmade by me

We ended up postponing the usual monthly swap meet to next week, because the weather was so scary on Friday! But even without the swap meet, it was a great month for Lolita. Thanks for looking~

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  1. I absolutely adore every single outfit! I love the first dress because i've seen it live and the embroidery is just incredible. I don't think people know how great that dress is to be honest. The last has the most striking colors and gothic and classic are always appealing to me. <3
    Thank you for the dose of inspiration!