Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review: Mystery Garden Chiffon Bonnet

I've been wanting a plain black bonnet for a while now, so when I saw an advertisement for Polish indie brand Mystery Garden's new chiffon bonnet design on one of the Facebook communities, I figured it was a good time to go for it!


I ordered through their Storenvy page (the bonnet is sold out now, but she may reopen orders when she gets back from hiatus), and it was quite painless. Shipping was very affordable for international to the US, only $8.00. My order was confirmed on May 1, and I was quote around two weeks for the bonnet to actually be completed, since I got a custom color. It shipped on May 20, so a little over two weeks since ordering, but that is an acceptable delay, especially since she posted on her FB page that she was having some personal trouble. It arrived here in California 10 days later, and I picked it up from the post office on May 31. Total time to receive my gorgeous, affordable bonnet was exactly a month!

Score: 5/5

Shipping & Packaging

It arrived in a bubble mailer, protected by a plastic bag. A mini card from the brand was included. The wired brim held up quite well during shipping, and aside from some wrinkling and squashed ruffles, looks like it survived the trip just fine.

Score: 5/5

Quality & Construction

The inside brim of the bonnet has ruffled/ruched chiffon and gimp lace around the brim with the chiffon ruffle. The base is lined with matching black satin, and the edge where the brim meets the base has quite nice embroidered net lace. The ribbons are a good quality satin. My only gripe is that I wish the ribbons were a bit longer, since I like to tie my bonnets at the side of my face rather than straight under the chin.

From the outside, it's all flat chiffon and the satin ribbon ties. This bonnet is big--much bigger than my Alice and the Pirates bonnets! It has a much more historical feeling than my other bonnets as well. The brim is quite solid, and finished with what feels like boning or wire to give it some serious shape.

The construction is great--as good as anything I make, and as someone who has no experience with hats or bonnets, I'm quite impressed by it! A comb was added to the front to secure the bonnet (I may take it off or move it back, but it's a great touch that my Japanese brand bonnets don't have). Like all of my bonnets, I'll probably add flower clips when I coordinate it, since I don't like the "empty" feeling of the brim on its own.

My complaints are so minor it's almost not even worth mentioning (bigger than expected, ribbons shorter than I would like).

Score: 4.75/5


Overall, I'm very pleased with it, especially for the great price! My complaints are so minor it's almost not even worth mentioning (bigger than expected, ribbons shorter than I would like). If her other items are all made with the same level of care, then you will be getting an excellent product indeed.

Overall score: 14.75/15

I can't wait to do some OTT Gothic coordinates with it!

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  1. I'm glad to actually see personal pictures of Mystery Garden's chiffon bonnet. I've wanted one for a long time, but was on the fence about purchasing it. Though, now I will definitely have to get one when she is off of hiatus.