Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sailor Moon @ Anime Expo 2014 [Part I]

A lot of my friends have affectionately nicknamed Anime Expo 2014 "Sailor Moon Expo" because of the huge amount of Sailor Moon events! Saturday was the most concentrated, with tons of different panels, meetups, and more, so of course that's the day that we all wore our Sailor Senshi cosplays. We somehow managed to squeeze a small photoshoot in there, and here are the results!

Brian Calilung was the photographer again (same as last year for Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune), and we were able to get quite a few really lovely shots from it despite the heat and limited time! Unfortunately, we were unable to get a full group picture due to scheduling conflicts, but we're planning to do another set of photos soon! Until then, read on to enjoy what we were able to get from AX 2014.

Inner Scouts

The lovely ladies of the inner scouts each made their own outfits, and Sailor Venus (artist Xanadu Rocketship) did everyone's amazing wigs. Sailor Moon also made Chibi Moon's fuku as well as her own. 

Sailor Mars is GhostPeach Cosplay, and Sailor Jupiter is from Aira Masquerade.

Outer Scouts

I made all four sailor fukus for the outer scouts--somehow it just ended up that way, but I was actually really happy to be able to make everyone so uniformly matching! I was also able to make props this year for Uranus and Neptune, so we had our talismans this time.

Everyone looks so elegant, and our Sailor Saturn is incredibly adorable looking, especially together with Chibi Moon!

Part II coming soon, with more details about the events, and lots of photos from the big Cosplay.com gathering!

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