Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sailor Moon @ Anime Expo 2014 [Part II]

Saturday of Anime Expo, or "Sailor Moon Day" as we started calling it, was not only the day that we did our photoshoot (see the previous post) but also the day of several different Sailor Moon meetups! There was the huge official VIZ one, and then there was also a slightly smaller (but still large!) one for Cosplay.com, hosted by yours truly. There were some location issues, but eventually we were able to find a place large enough to accommodate everyone.

Read on for many, many more pictures!

Full Group

Sailor Moons

bridgettheunicorn as Sailor Moon!

Inner Senshi

Outer Senshi

Myself as Sailor Uranus!

Tuxedo Masks 

LovelyLor as genderbend Tuxedo Mask! 

Chibi Moon and Helios

Cats, Villains, "Casual" versions, and non-canon Sailors

Sailor Stars--Princess Kakyuu and Sailor Cosmos

This was the second meetup I hosted during Anime Expo, and I'm really glad that people had a good time. Between this one and the Kill la Kill meetup, I learned a lot for next year, so I'll be a lot more prepared next time! Special thanks to the gentleman from the Black Moon clan for the use of his megaphone~

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