Saturday, August 16, 2014

SDCC 2014 3rd Annual J-Fashion Walk

We decided to stick with the walk again this year, since it was so much more fun (and easy!) than the picnic we did once. This year, we didn't have Sanrio sponsorship, so we went to Seaport Village from the hotel rather than down past the convention itself. The destination was the carousel and sweet treats at Ben & Jerry's! We had a good-sized group that was a mix of out of town convention attendees and locals. Not everyone had badges, but we could all enjoy the waterfront together.

About halfway through the walk, we stopped for pictures and a small raffle, with prizes donated by the community moderators/organizers. My husband took lots of pictures for us, so enjoy!

The four organizers--bridgettheunicorn, ghostintheforest, Di, and myself.

Gathering in the lobby of the hotel, and then heading down to the waterfront.

 Full Group

 Gothic/Dark Classic Styles

Sweet Styles

Classic Styles

General J-fashion (mori and fairy kei), and my husband with an alpaca

Continuing on to the carousel!

Delicious ice cream and hanging out after the carousel ride.

Twinning shenanigans with bridgettheunicorn

Finally headed back to the convention!

See you next year~

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