Thursday, August 21, 2014

Commissions @ Otakon 2014

Earlier this summer, I did two commissions for Otakon attendees, and now that the con is over and people have had time to recover, I got some pictures back from both of them! I love seeing happy clients--it's so much fun to be part of a collaborative effort to make great-looking cosplayers.

The two cosplays were Sailor Snow White, based on Drachea Rannak's fanart, and Kiritsugu Emiya's overcoat from Fate/Zero. More pictures and my construction notes under the cut~

For Sailor Snow White, I used the same pattern as for my regular Sailor Moon cosplays, with modifications for the puffed sleeves (I saved the pattern for eventual use with Eternal versions!). The red accents are appliqued on and satin stitched. The cape is attached with snaps under the collar, and is double-sided. The rest is pretty straightforward, with gloves, hair accessory, choker, and separate collar and bows. Everything is made out of Kona cotton except the main body of the fuku, which is a lycra blend.

She has such perfect hair for it! I'm really glad that it turned out so nicely, don't you think she looks great?

Kiritsugu's overcoat is for a repeat customer--I made Okabe Rin's lab coat for him last year! He was really great to work with as always, and I was able to get the coat done in time (though it was kind of close with Comic-Con, oops). It's made with cotton twill.

They had a whole group of Fate/Zero characters! Someday I'd like to do a cosplay from the Fate universe, maybe Saber...?

A special thanks to my customers for letting me share their pictures! Next year, I'd like to try and go to Otakon, so maybe I'll get to see some in person someday.

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