Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bodyline Shoe Haul & Review

Bodyline recently had a sale on shoes, and for a few weeks of the sale they also offered free shipping! I took that opportunity to stock up on some new shoes to replace worn out ones, and also to add some more variety to my wardrobe. I spent just under $100~ for five pairs! Read on for a mini review.

I got SHOES272 in black, SHOES274 in dark red, SHOES300 in beige (ivory), and SHOES271 and SHOES251 in offwhite. In retrospect, I probably should have gotten another pair of SHOES300 in black, but I guess I'll have to save that for the next order.

As always, the packaging was less-than-stellar, but everything got to me in one piece. It was split into two shipments (presumably to lower the cost). One arrived on Tuesday, and the other arrived today (Thursday). They did have tracking, even though it was the cheaper airmail, which was quite nice. It took a while for them to leave Japan, but that was mostly because of the weather, and I wasn't in a hurry for them anyway.

Three out of the five actually arrived in boxes, which was a first for me! All my other orders have arrived simply wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue, like two of the pairs were in this case. Thankfully, nothing was damaged.

Here they all are! The dark red ones are shiny, and a little darker than anticipated, but they will still match a lot of my things. The black ones are pretty basic, and the white flats are to replace my sadly uncomfortable SHOES267 as "Lolita walking shoes" (with inserts, of course). The white oxfords are so that I have a classic pair of white shoes, and the beige ones are because I felt like I needed an ivory pair finally. The last pair are my favorites (with the wine red ones coming in a close second)--they're actually pretty comfortable, and have a really lovely classic look.

The fit is good on these ones, true to size (23.5) and the heel is not so high that I have a difficult time walking. They will definitely need pads for the ball of the foot, but no worse than my Bodyline boots.

 These ones feel very much like my boots, with the wider square heel that isn't too tall, and the comfortably round toe. They feel fairly true to size. The strap is almost too short for my foot, but the last hole ended up fitting perfectly, and I didn't have to punch a new one. These ones will also need a pad for the ball.

These ones are a little tight lengthwise (running a bit small), but the wide square heel isn't uncomfortable, and I think they may be fine with a little breaking in. The tops are too tight for full inserts, but these could probably fit a ball pad just fine. I would probably go up a half size with these.

 As flats, these are definitely the most comfortable, especially with my Dr. Scholl's added. I did have to lengthen the top strap to the last hole, but they are not uncomfortably tight. The rounded toe is great for the shape of my foot. I would say these are also true to size.

Like the other oxfords, these ones also feel on the tight side both lengthwise and on top, probably because of the more closed design. The heel is also more narrow, both for balance and tightness. They are not too tall, though, and could probably fit a ball pad as well. I would definitely go up a half size with these ones.

Updates to the old shoes:
SHOES168 (one year) are amazing after one year, and are holding up very well. I wear the black ones all the time, and they are really very comfortable with inserts. Great all-purpose Lolita "flats"!
SHOES267 (one year) are unfortunately quite uncomfortable--the elastic is too tight, and the backs of the heels rub even with gel stickies. I only wear them for meetups where I won't be on my feet much. I would definitely size up if you are thinking of getting these.
SHOES225 (three years) are showing some wear and tear, with scuff marks and the pleather cracking around the ankle, but are still very comfortable and have not fallen apart yet.
SHOES178 (three years) have finally given up after TONS of wear. They were my most comfortable pair, and I wore them with basically everything. The sole has partly come off of one, and they are both very scuffed. With some shoe glue I could probably keep them for a bit longer, but I think it's finally time to retire.

I hope this helps out anyone who might be looking at Bodyline's shoes--you can check out my older reviews by going through the "review" tag.


  1. Thank you for your great review! I loved the updates to the old shoes :) I missed the sale but no biggie, how much did you snatch shoes300 for?

    1. I got them for 1,000 yen off the normal Japanese price!