Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Meetup Round-Up: LIEF Event, The Getty Museum, and more!

This month was surprisingly busy for Lolita! There were two casual meetups with the local group, and two big meetups--one with the LA Lolitas and one with the TJ Lolitas.

On January 12, there was a meetup at the Getty Museum in LA, which lots of girls went to! Then on the 18th, the TJ girls did a collaboration event with the Korean brand LIEF and the Mexican Lolita association My Lolita Style. We also had a last-minute cafe meetup early in the month, and the usual monthly meetup at the end.

Keep reading for photos and event summaries!

The Getty Museum Meet

Quite a few of us carpooled up to this meet from our group, which was fun! It's a bit of a drive, but the museum is so lovely. We did one tour first thing, and then people split off into a couple of smaller groups to get food and do more tours.

Making heart pictures with the tallest and shortest Lolitas, and then the guys wanted to try it, too.

Almost everyone met up again towards the end of the day, so we were finally able to get a picture of the whole group! A few people are still missing from this, but it shows how many people were able to come! I had a lot of fun. The Getty has a lot of sentimental value for me because it's where my husband proposed four years ago.

A Dream Celebration LIEF x My Lolita Style

The TJ girls always put on such lovely events, and this one was no exception! It was held at a really adorable restaurant. They did a short fashion show with LIEF's fall/spring collection, as well as information about the brand and designer Sora, trivia, and a raffle. 


Getting back home over the border was a chore, but totally worth it for the event. I got the "Instruments Regimental" JSK in green/maroon color. It's really beautiful!

January Swap Meet

The usual monthly swap meet had a crazy huge turnout this month! There were so many new faces, it's going to take me a while to learn all their names. Of course a lot of the usual members also came, too.

There was plenty of buying, selling, and trading, and also playing with all the new UFO catchers that the tea shop put in recently.

January was a lot of fun, and February has a ton of events lined up, too, so already the year is looking like so much fun. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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