Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Coordinates: Hello, 2014!

This year, I was inspired by tumblr to start taking pictures of my coordinates before I put them on, so that it's easier for people to see the details and accessories. I really like doing it this way now, so hopefully I can stick with it for the rest of the year as well!

I'm also really starting to have a thing for bonnets, in case you couldn't tell... If you follow me on tumblr, you'll have seen these already, but keep on after the cut for five outfits~

The first is for a casual (last-minute) meetup at a local cafe for lunch. Sometimes we just get bored and want to dress up!

Harlequin Music Skirt handmade by me
Chiffon Frill Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Fairytales Pochette Alice and the Pirates
Hair Combs Alice and the Pirates
Tights offbrand (Forever21)
Wristcuffs Angelic Pretty
Jewelry offbrand/handmade by me
Boots Bodyline

Next is from the Getty Museum meetup--I tried to go for an "OTT Classic" feeling with the outfit.

End of Immortal Eden JSK and Bonnet Alice and the Pirates
Jewelry vintage/handmade by me
Shoes Bodyline
Bag offbrand (Loris)

For the LIEF event, I didn't have any LIEF items (yet), so I wore handmade and offbrand to try and show a bit of support for indie work. My first time attempting a red x black outfit, too, so I hope it didn't come across as ita...

Black Princess Jumperskirt handmade by me
Red Chiffon Blouse Infanta (indie)
Vampire Prelude Bonnet Alice and the Pirates
Tights offbrand
Jewelry Forever21/handmade by me
Shoes Bodyline

This month, I did a photoshoot with a new photographer at the park. I wanted to do something that would really showcase my personal sewing and design work, so almost the entire outfit is handmade. It was also the first time in a several years that I did a completely black coordinate!

Black Princess Jumperskirt handmade by me
Black Chiffon Blouse handmade by me
Veil Side Headband handmade by me
Rose Hair Clips Surface Spell/H&M
Jewelry vintage/handmade by me
Bag offbrand (Loris)
Boots Bodyline

Last but not least, I finally wore my special set outfit for the monthly swap meet. I traded the original JSK I that I got for the JSK II, which fits soooo much better than the other cut! I'm really happy with it.

Briar Rabbit's Paysage JSK II and Headbow Alice and the Pirates
Stand Collar Blouse Alice and the Pirates
Crown Emblem OTK Socks Alice and the Pirates
Rose Hair Clips Surface Spell
Jewelry handmade by me
Shoes Bodyline

Is it weird that I already have most of my outfits planned out for February? I'm really looking forward to having so many opportunities to wear Lolita this year!

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